Fermat's Last Recipe

theorems and corollaries contrived in the kitchen


What am I documenting? Propositions, musings, and theorems on life and nourishment, and indulging in creating a place in which I can share my creative escapades attempting to make art from food. The springboard? 15 weeks on an adventure in Scotland! (I am in fact back in the dear U.S. of A., but carrying on the adventure every day.)

Allow me to introduce you to Ed.

There have been many turns in my life that have provided pointed reminders not to succumb to the temptation of assuming that the world operates in polarity and black and white. My new favorite word (next to “frolic”) is dialectical, which holds in its central meaning everything I have been struggling to accept at this stage in my life. Two elements in my life may exist together and equal, even though they may seem mind-bogglingly contradictory. I love to cook. I love food and its complex flavors, textures, and cultures. Enter Ed. Since the summer of 2012 I have been battling an eating disorder, popularly referred to as E.D., or Ed to me. Ed is always with me, always whispering to me when mealtimes approach. Ed exists dialectically with my love for culinary exploration. I am open about Ed because it is honesty and openness that will strike at the heart of one of the nation’s best kept secrets— the prevalence of eating disorders in the U.S. and what they really even are. Check out my Resources page for more info on eating disorders if you are interested in learning more.

Fermat’s Last Theorem… in the kitchen?

Theorem. The statement xn + yn = zn has no integer solutions for n > 2.

I chuckle to consider that one of the math realm’s most famous assertions was originally squeezed by Pierre de Fermat into the margin of Arithmetica with the hand-wavy aside that he had a proof that was too large to fit in the margin. 358 years of failed attempts by other mathematicians to prove the conjecture ended with a proof finally being found in 1995! It is small chuckles like this that contributed to mathematics becoming my true passion in this world. It is the purest, most beautiful entity that I have ever encountered.

However, one of the lovable traits of mathematical culture is its nose-in-the-air loftiness, regarding sciences and humanities as “dirtier” pursuits as they rely on the physical senses or human subjectivity for their truth value. I find myself lovingly poking fun at this attitude by bringing mathematical language into the kitchen— the dirtiest, most physical of arenas if I may say so. Whether you think math is gross like the bulk of my friends and family or not, I hope that you will enjoy the tasty theorems and stories regardless. The best part of reading food blogs is feeling the creation of dishes through the unique experience and eyes of the writer. Mathematics is central to a great part of who I am, inside and outside of the kitchen.

Other details

I live life amidst the nomadic era of the youthful years… college, that is. I am from Colorado, go to school in Washington state, and am embarking on a semester abroad in Scotland starting in September. Where I sleep is never the same for more than four months at a time. I release my creative spirit through cooking. Vegetarian foods make up the bulk of what I make and eat, although I occasionally dabble with animal-based foods if they are really special.


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Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Sophie De Arment. Fermat's Last Recipe is where I share my vegetarian kitchen adventures. You might also glimpse some knitting, kayaking, juggling, and math-ing along the way.
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