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Samosa-Inspired Veggie Pockets


Wow, it has been quite an absurd interim between posts. I apologize for that. But hey— I am at the opposite side of the country from my academic home. Maryland! I swear, it’s a foreign land, this coast. You have to drive on a highway to get anywhere, good bus systems don’t exist, public trains do exist, there are a million different grocery stores (only Safeway and Trader Joe’s I recognize), everybody seems to eat out all the time, and it seems that with each breath I am inhaling a waterfall. It is humid, my friends.

I have failed to post until now because I have been immersed in this new land and my summer internship! The math is gorgeous. Absolutely sexy. Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected pure mathematics to intersect so seamlessly with application and meaningful work. And as a bonus—  I got to attend a lecture called “chocolate key cryptography”. Yes. Yes I did.

Theorem.  The terms pure and applied, as they relate to mathematics, are not mutually exclusive.

With a full-time job that keeps me in one physical location all day rather than the scattered school schedule of my normal year, I haven’t had as much time to play around the kitchen as I would like. Okay, okay, it hasn’t just been work keeping my meals simple…. (photo below as evidence). I’ve never been anywhere near D.C. before. I have a lot to explore! Anyway, I think I finally have my feet under me as far as setting up a completely new kitchen sharing with three people. I am back to the experimentation of raw cheesecake, speculoos ice cream, plantain curry, baba ganoush, etc. etc. etc.

This delicious recipe for a creative twist on samosas is not of my own design. Chelsea from The Naked Fig gets all the credit for these beauties! They really are a comfort food and an absolute blast to wrap up into beautiful triangular pockets. Rice paper used for spring rolls and samosa-inspired pockets like these has always reminded me of those nearly-transparent fish that you can see the inner workings of, for your delight or not depending on who you are.

I apologize for the poor quality of photos. I am still learning how this kitchen behaves. I might need to take future cooking creations outside for photo shoots!





Baked Veggie-Pockets

Head on over to The Naked Fig for the recipe!




2 comments on “Samosa-Inspired Veggie Pockets

  1. genevieve y
    July 9, 2014

    It’s been too long since I’ve visited your blog! So glad you are enjoying your job and still able to make time to experiment in the kitchen!

  2. these look great.. love the alternate use of rice paper as sometimes samosa pastry turns out heavy and gluggy. thanks for the great ideas!

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